July 22

Written by Bill Grandi on July 22nd, 2018

Interlude. Time out! I read this today and was so stoked by it I wanted to share it:

My worst days are never so bad that I am beyond the reach of his grace. And my best days are never so good that I am beyond the need of God’s grace. Every day should be a day of relating to God on the basis of His grace alone. Jerry Bridges

Now back to the regularly scheduled post. 🙂  Some good questions. Probing questions. Convicting questions about grumbling and complaining. But also a very hard-hitting statement of how my complaining is rooted in an “I deserve” attitude. It falls on the premise that I complain because I am not the center of my life; life is not about me.

If I may divert from the whole corporate worship idea of the devotion to the opening statement by Bridges, I find it simply put: to grumble and complain shows I am not appreciating God’s grace in my life. Yes, the corporate worship should remind me of that. But I shouldn’t need the corporate worship to do that. I should be always aware, always conscious of God’s grace. That would/should put praise in my mouth.

“Father, your grace is amazing! It leaves me speechless. May I daily revel in your grace so that corporate worship is more of a cherry on the top rather than a reminder of what I have. May I never forget your grace. May it revolutionize my corporate worship.”


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  1. The quote from Bridges is wonderful! I’ve read his Discipline of Grace, and it’s one of the best inspirational books out there.
    Blessings, Bill!

  2. floyd samons says:

    This is a powerful reminder of what we all need to come to grips with so that we can find peace and show the world why we have it.